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A certified legal translation agency by UAE Ministry of Justice based in Dubai, UAE. We translate all types of texts; legal and non-legal as well as provide editing, proofreading and drafting services. We pride ourselves to deliver the highest quality legal translation service in Abu Dhabi at a fair and reasonable rate.

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Legal Translators in DMCC

Almaaref legal is a certified legal translation agency in DMCC. And it is certified by UAE Ministry of Justice, legation and Consulates, UAE. We provide fast, accurate and cost-effective translation services for all types of texts whether it is legal or non-legal as well as we provide editing, proofreading and drafting services also. As the Arabic language is the official language of UAE. Therefore if you want to set up any kind of business or if you want to buy any kind of property or any other affair which are legal or non- legal, all government authorities will only accept your company formation documents only if they are submitted in Arabic language and stamped by UAE ministry. Any kind of miscommunication in business and legal contracts in Dubai, UAE can lead to serious upshot in the future. Legal translators in DMCC are certified, legal translator. The translator of your documents must be dedicated, a passionate legal translator who is certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and has experience in the field of translation. They have translators which have years of experience and well-proven experience in certified legal translation, they are fast, accurate, affordable legal translation services provider. And the best part is they have a good understanding of legal terminology and differences between the legal systems, such as the civil law system, which is applicable in the UAE, and the common law system, they are a true and correct legal translation in Dubai for a wide array of legal documents, such as laws, resolutions, regulations, decrees, contracts, arbitration proceedings, and awards, summons, as well as police, public prosecution reports, Courts judgments, legal notices and negotiation .

Legal Translation offices in Dubai

With the growing trust of our clients and the everlasting increase of demand for our legal translation services, legal Translation offices in Dubai has recently established a specialized unit of legal experts for serving the legal firms in the UAE and the region with the best quality of legal and non-legal documents translation. This unit will be responsible for holding all legal translations, expressly with members having years of experience in the legal field and in-depth knowledge of the legal subjects they handle.
Legal translation requires very expert knowledge; the wording of this type of document is very exact and can have no obscurity. Getting the translation of a legal document wrong can cause confusion, frustration, excessive delay and a huge cost.
We stand out from the crowd when it comes to quality standards; we provide the best quality of translation service, we never compromise on quality. We have achieved the highest levels of quality control and uniformity, gained international certificates and credential from the most well-known and respected international organizations. Our Translation offices are certified translation services provider in UAE. No matter what your needs are, documents to be translated on few hours’ notice or, translating hundreds of pages in few days, we can always offer you a solution that meets your needs and deadlines. With a big dedicated translation team, we can handle even the abundant loads of work under the strictest of deadlines.

Legal Translators in Dubai

Communication is all the more important due to the variety of the local community in an international economic hub like Dubai as people from almost every corner of the world are meeting in the City of Gold in chasing of the business venture and better career opportunities. Dubai is certainly one of the best places to start a new whether you are an entrepreneur looking to establish a business in the UAE, or a professional seeking career growth and development. However, for you to realize your dream, you might need to provide documents or sign important paperwork that should be in both English and Arabic languages. Legal Translation Dubai stands proud to introduce all types of translation in over 500 fields of expertise. Our language experts are able to translate over 100 languages documents whether those are legal or non-legal and that consist languages like Farsi, Arabic, English, Russian, French, and many other languages. An equal standard quality of translation is maintained by our translators in every language we translate for our clients.
Bad communication in business can be a major stand-off for your company! If the quality of translation services is not up to the mark, it may lead to many shameful situations and can ultimately make your business appear stupid. A good translation service can prove to be superior and bring success to your company. It can even determine your company, improve your reputation and increase business income. We, at Legal Translation Services in the UAE-Dubai, understand that there’s more to professional translation services than simple words. Our team has the biggest in-house team of highly-skilled and degree holder translators in various lines of skillful like technical, commercial, scientific, legal, and medical translation service.

Translation service in Dubai

Dubai is an international city due to the presence of residents belongs to multiple citizenships. Apart from that, people from all around the world also visit Dubai for holidays or for business point of view every year which makes it a multilingual city. So many people visit Dubai to get settled here and to establish their business in Dubai but before setting up your business in Dubai you have to convert your all paperwork and documents in Arabic which is the most important thing to do. Arabic is used by the local population but English and Hindi are also widely spoken languages in Dubai while people belong to different counties speak other languages including Urdu, German, Spanish, French, Russian etc.
Arabic is the local language and it is used in all the government offices. In order to facilitate foreigners, the government of Dubai has now allowed different services in government departments to be carried out in the Arabic language due to which you have to first convert your documents from your local or English language to the Arabic language. We are experts in providing best and accurate translation services in Arabic languages spoken in Dubai. Most of our work contains translation from Arabic to English or from English to Arabic as these are the most sought after Translation service in Dubai. We have professional translators who have 10 pulse years of experience in translation, they give their best to provide the best translation service to their clients because customers satisfaction is our first propriety. But we are not defined for translation in Arabic and English languages and can provide reliable translation services for more than 100 languages

Translation services in UAE

Almaaref Translation provides quality translation services. Our mission is to raise the standards of the translation industry into new heights of excellence and quality attachment.
In a fast-clip and business-driven globalized market, integrated linguistic services are essential. Almaaref Translation is a leading translation company in the Emirates and worldwide. Almaaref Translation is an industry leader in innovative multicultural linguistic services, which include localization services to ensure cultural accordance.
Almaaref Translation has an exclusive translation team specialized in the type of translation you need. We cover everything from legal to non-legal documents, medical to financial translation, literary, and public relations translation in addition to premium services such as analysis, subtitling, desktop publishing, localization, and many more!
At our Translation services in UAE, we ensure that all your language requirements are fully met. We have an experienced team of translators and bureaucrats with an in-depth understanding of all your needs. We offer our services at pocket-friendly rates, helping our clients meet all their business needs and working with them to reach their goals as customer’s satisfaction is our first priority.

Legal translation services Dubai

To start a company in Dubai or UAE, your business setup paperwork has to be presented in Arabic and stamped. Any gap in this contract can give contradictory results. We provide Arabic to English and English to Arabic Legal translation services Dubai so that you can start your business setup process smoothly. We not only deliver the best quality translation services at the most competitive rates but also offer free pick-up and delivery services of your original and translated documents, free of charge. We comprise a team of experienced and professional legal translators who are certified and authorized by the Ministry of Justice UAE. Firstly the teams confirm the text, examine its implications and then translates the content. The translation done by our qualified team is acknowledged for all official submission to all government agencies and legation as well. Our experts have the broad knowledge of UAE Company and Civil Law with all terminology associated with the business formation, residency, labor, and naturalization processes.

Legal Translation Services UAE

Arabic is the official language of UAE. Therefore you must know that during the process of your business composition in Dubai, all government authorities will accept your company formation documents only if they are submitted in Arabic and stamped. Any miscommunication in business and legal contracts can lead to serious trouble in the future. Legal translation services UAE requires highly specialized skills. It should be conveyed out according to the context of original source documents and be accurately translated to produce 100% perfection with exact meanings and expression similar to that of an original.
Our teams of translators who are duly certified and licensed by the Ministry of Justice who pay a special attention to legal translation in the way to protect our clients from any legal problems. Our translation service package includes providing clients with power of attorney, company formation documents such as announcement of Association, Articles of Association, certificates, employment bonds, confidential accord, sales and acquisition agreements, local service agent agreements, commercial lease agreements and all type of legal documents that must be certified and approved for official use.
Our legal translators have deep knowledge of all types of legal language that will lead to the desired meaning of translated documents as well as have an understanding of the companies, civil, personal, labor, residency and habituation, family laws and regulations which are applied within UAE.

Translation office in Dubai

Translation services company in Dubai offering you accurate certified and legal translation services in Dubai for all your official personal and business documents. We are one of the most experienced Legal Translation offices in Dubai with a proven track record for delivering surcharge translation services in a timely and professional manner. We have become a brand name for quality and excellence in providing the best translation services in Dubai due to our loyalty to deliver highest standards of linguistic and legal accuracy, responsiveness, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction. Whether you want to translate legal or non-legal documents we try to provide best and accurate service to our customers and in affordable price because the translation of the document in Dubai is must without converting your documents into the local language you cannot do any kind of work here in Dubai.
Certified conversion is considered to be the most sensitive services. Only permitted translators can do these translations that are approved by the local government. This kind of analysis is mostly presented in the lawsuits. Jumbling of a single line in a contract or a document can lead towards a loss of the case. Our specialist lawful professionals with years of experience make sure that everything was done correctly and neatly with any kind of mistake because the mistake can lead to rejection.

Legal Translation service in Abu Dhabi

We are a Dubai-based translation agency specialized in high-quality legal, marketing and technical translations, interpretation services with proofreading, interpretation service, medical, and drafting services. Now it comprises a network of over 2,000 collaborators with expertise in over 100 languages, as well as distributed in-house team. Team members are scattered all over the world, allowing us to take advantage of time zone differences and efficiently manage translation and analysis projects 24/7.
We assure a consistently excellent quality of translation services in each of these various fields by making sure we assign every document translation to the most applicable specialized team of highly qualified translators, Legal Translation service in Abu Dhabi will take care of your legal documents and the wide range of language services, such as:
1. Legal translations
2. Technical translations
3. Marketing translations
4. Copywriting services
5. Consecutive interpreting
6. Simultaneous interpreting
7. Business interpreting
8. Rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment
9. Medical translations, etc.

Translation Company in Dubai

Our quality translation services will implement you to communicate more quickly and efficiently with your partners and clients and further your brand by reaching more segments. For every project, from website localization to event analysis, your message will always remain clear and you will be represented in a professional manner. We will assign a project manager to your account to assure each step of the process is completed as per your exact stipulation. We provide the best translation service to our clients, the translation company in Dubai translate all types of texts; legal and non-legal as well as provide editing, proofreading and drafting services.